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Teamspeak guide
All KA members are encouraged to join both the Karma Teamspeak server as well as the Jade Quary Teamspeak server. Teamspeak is a requirement of all organized guild events including guild missions and WvW raids. Feel free to idle in the Karma Teamspeak server as our members often use it to play games other than Guild Wars, or just to chat.

The servers are: - Our main guild comms server used for general chat, PvX parties, guild events, and private WvW raids. Ask for the current password in guild chat. - Comms for the entire Jade Quarry server used mainly for organized WvW and server-wide community events. We generally run our public WvW raids here. No password.

Detailed instructions for downloading and connecting with Teamspeak are below. They are specifically for connecting to the Jade Quarry server, but the steps are roughly the same for any TS server you'll connect to.

  1. Download teamspeak at Make sure you don't install overwolf when it asks you to.
  2. Install teamspeak
  3. Connect by opening teamspeak and going to Connections and then Connect. You will also want to add both KA and JQ servers to your bookmarks so you can easily access them. You can connect to both servers at the same time by right clicking their bookmark and selecting "connect in new tab". Your microphone will only be active in one server at a time.
  4. Add the server information and your nickname (for the JQ server, please add a [KA] beside it) then connect
  5. If you haven't already, set up push to talk by going to Settings, Options, Hotkeys
  6. For the Karma server, ask a guild officer to verify you the first time you connect. You may need to restart TS for this to take effect. For the JQ server, ask a guild commander to give you verification or verify by poking someone with a gold triangle next to their name. They will ask you to join a WvW borderlands map to verify that you are in Jade Quarry.