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General Behavior

Karma has a general rule as the base for its policies:
Racism, sexism, homophobia or any discriminatory remarks and trolling are not tolerated.
Every member of Karma is expected to abide by, and stand up for the core values that represent the Karma experience.

Karma Members, Officers, Commanders and even guests should always remember:
  1. Do not take advantage of guild members. Do not ask for donations in guild, do not ask members to power level your character and do not attempt to sell services. This list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea on what is not acceptable.
  2. Etiquette. When using forums, guild chat or Teamspeak, please be respectful to other guild members. This guild is large and consistently adding players from all walks of life and everyone is here to have fun. To keep the awesome community that Karma promotes, let’s avoid topics that can result in arguments and hurt feelings. Some of those topics are: Politics, religion, guns, sexuality etc.
  3. We understand that sometimes the conversation tends to steer into those topics, and when they do make sure you keep a respectful chat while also making sure the conversation does not go too far.
  4. In-game behavior. Rage quitting on guild groups, harassing guild mates, constantly spamming chat or giving Karma a bad name will result in swift action from officers.
  5. Interactions in non-guild communications platforms (such as but not limited to: map chat, forums, teamspeak and etc.) must be done with tact and good behavior. Do not troll, flame or act in a manner that would reflect poorly on Karma. We do not talk ourselves up in forums, we let our actions speak for themselves.
  6. Officers/Leaders have the final call in any issue or breach of policy. Karma has a full staff of officers to deal with any concern or rule violation that may occur. As such they have the final call on any dispute.

Activity and Representation

  1. We are not 100% representation. We understand people play in multiple guilds and without guild alliances in game people will want to represent their own personal guilds or guilds for friends.
  2. That said, do not apply to the guild if you do not intend to ever interact with the guild. We are not an LFG service nor are we a guild missions supplier.
  3. Inactivity kick every two(2) months. Every month, we kick people who haven't logged on using the in game last log in time. We also send you a mail letting you know that you were removed because of inactivity but you are welcome to join us whenever you play again.
  4. This policy is separate from the representation policy. It is possible to be a representing member of Karma that hasn't played in a while and a non-representing member of karma who plays very often.

Guild Missions Rules and Expectations

  1. During Missions and other activities it is imperative that leaders/officer instructions be followed at all times, it is not easy to lead 50+ people through a guild mission. Only officers may start missions. Starting missions/events early or somehow interfering with guild events is not acceptable.
  2. You MUST be on voice communications for guild missions. You are not required to use a mic or speak, but you must be able to listen. If you are unable to use voice communications for any reason, let the officers know before hand. Not having them installed is not an excuse as it is a guild requirement. Failing this repeatedly may result in removal from Karma.
  3. BE ON TIME. We start guild missions exactly on the clock each week and will not wait for people who are tardy. We like to get all the PvE guild missions done within 40-45 minutes and we will not wait for latecomers. You are welcome to catch up with us.
  4. Guild missions can be activated by any member to do in their own free time. If you are late or live in a different timezone, you can do the guild treks and races on your own whenever you want.
  5. Bring a level 80 character with the best map completion available. Making people wait for your under-leveled character is not fair to the rest of the guild.

WvW Rules and Expectations

At Karma, we are casual elitists with the goal of having fun and doing well. The rules below guide us so that everyone can have an enjoyable WvW experience. There is a balance that can be maintained between being casual and being elitist. The line is drawn where your choices affect the fun of other players. Running a full berserker thief is fine while roaming and will not affect anyone (and will probably do well), but in a large scale fight situation, it is a selfish choice as your death will affect the success of everyone and thus the enjoyment of the other guild members.

We expect all people representing Karma in WvW to follow the rules below.:
  1. You are required to be on voice communications if you are following a Karma commander . Failing this repeatedly may result in removal from Karma.
  2. You must run with a max level character for any serious raid or upon request by the commander. If you do not have a max level character yet, we can help you level via dungeons/crafting/farming events. Characters that are not level 80 suffer from a massive armor penalty and take increased damage. By repeatedly dying you will not only affect yourself, but the success of the raid as enemy forces will rally off your death.
  3. We require that players use a sensible build when we are raiding seriously. Again, you are affecting the outcome of the raid by being selfish. Sensible generally refers to a build that is supporting or survivable in a large scale fight. Failing this repeatedly may result in removal from Karma.
  4. You may be asked to swap to another level 80 class depending on the class composition of the raid. We will not force you to swap, but understand that some days we do not have enough guardians or some days we don't have any elementalists and we may ask you to swap to a class we are short on.
  5. Training should be attended whenever you can. Training is given to improve you as a player so that you can enjoy WvW even more. We provide basic training (if you are entirely new to WvW and need to learn how everything works), organised training (training to improve the entire guild raid), class training (training under our experienced class leads and mentors to improve play with a class) and individual mentoring (we assign a mentor to you who will help you improve during our raids and provide advice).
  6. Commanders of Karma will be scrutinized under higher standards. You must represent karma on forums, map chat and public voice comms to the same standards detailed above. Before you command for Karma, you will be given training and observed for a period of time.