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Hayter / Sep 17, 2014

Its all over! Petstain and i are now both 10lbs heavier.

after some discussion we decided to cook every single recipe that was submitted.

i will admit i did not bake some of the desserts as Mrs Hayter is much better at baking then i, but i watched and tasted (ok so i watched her mostly) but i swear i glanced at the food time to time.

now on to the important part! the Winners!

recipes were judged in the following categories
1. taste!
2. looks
3. how well was the recipe to read/follow?
4. did you follow the rules? (we were kind of easy on this, but we had to at least be able to tell that you made it)

Also! Pet and myself decided since there were so many good recipes for desserts to also include a Dessert winner/2nd place!

ok enough stalling!

Main Course:
this was close, both pet and i centered on 2 recipes, both flavors blew our minds and looked AWESOME!
WINNER: Samulnori's braised korean short rib stew. This made my house smell like heaven, the taste was so good the GF requested it a 2nd time the following week.

2nd place. Vic's Brown Bag Turkey!
the first comment i had on this turkey was it looked like Martha Stewart crawled into my oven and made this turkey, it was the most moist turkey i have ever had, and a brown bag?! who knew that was the trick.

Desserts! AKA there goes the work out!
Winner: Hill's Cake! Super good flavor (looked great and had an awesome flavor with the chocolate and mint)

2nd: Louie Stars Brigadeiro! this recipe is VERY simple, and easy to follow, and the big part here is its ATON of fun to make, both myself and the GF had a ball (pun alert) making this recipe. and the taste of course was great (you cant go wrong with butter and chocolate)

Prizes will be sent out tonight for the first place winners. 2nd place winners please mail me in-game which 200 gem hat/item you would like from the gem store!!

Thanks too all who entered! i'm going to have to eat nothing but salad for the next month.

Apsallar / Sep 05, 2014
Are you ready to fight? To make a stand against tyranny and oppression? Is your body ready? WvW Seasons 3 is coming...

Please look at the below checklist before seasons start and make sure you can tick everything off!

  1. Verified on JQ TS
  2. Set up KA mumble in case TS goes down
  3. Bought personal food : Saffron bread/Poultry and leak soup for heavies. Steak and asparagus/Omnomberry compote/ Lifesteal food for lights
  4. Using proper recommended buid from forums or tinyurl guide fpr all your classes (unless thief or engi )
  5. Running proper sigils and runes (trooper runes, fire sigils etc)
  6. Learn how to scout
  7. Read the dos and donts of KA WvW
  8. Buy a mic (or get delivered a free KA mic). We are willing to purchase/send you a microphone if you can't afford one.
  9. Learn how to call out what you need for for your class
  10. Assigned WvW Rank points or know what to assign when they reset your rank points
  11. Don't forget to set your rank points. >250 points max guard defense, guard killer, 2 repair, 2 build, 4supply mastery. >125 max guard defense, 2 repair, 2 build, 4supply mastery.
  12. Get siege disablers from the trap merchant in home borderland
Hayter / Aug 30, 2014

Karma's Guild Lotto will be ending on September 27th (Saturday) tickets will be accepted until the start of Guild missions (8pm EST/7PMCST) after that no tickets will be accepted.

Drawing will come directly following Missions.

for an Updated Prize pool list and more info please see this post.

Good Luck to all our entries! and a major Thank-You for Supporting Karma Gaming! without you Aps would be running around in even less clothing.
Apsallar / Aug 01, 2014
Its that time of the month again!!!!!! A new amazing awesome karma competition courtesy of General Moua! This time... take your chance at winning an Eternity! Thats right, a EFFFIN Eternity! (All proceeds going towards the guild and eternity kindly donated by General Moua).

The eternity will work similar to our previous lottos. Tickets are 5g a piece with a ticket cap of 20 (that is you can purchase up to 100g of tickets). Each ticket is weighted equally. Send the gold with a message of how many tickets you wish to purchase to either




For example, if you want to purchase 10 tickets, send 50g and a message saying you wish to purchase 10 tickets to hayter or me.

Your money will then be donated into the bank of karma and your receipt can be seen on

And.... start purchasing tickets now! Other prizes to be announced as the draw date gets decided. Should be end of the month or next month.

Apsallar / Jun 30, 2014
All KA members are invited to share their favorite recipes to be included in the first ever KA Cookbook! Once all the entries are posted I will compile them into an ebook/pdf so it will be easy to use at home.

Think you've got the best recipe in the guild? Let's see it! It can be anything, a side dish, main dish, salad, dessert, soup, sauce, wild game, even vegan. Regional and family recipes are highly encouraged, if you've got a story about your dish share that too!

The BEST recipe (as judged by actual chef Hayter and actual food-eater myself) will win 50 gold

The RUNNER UP will win a gem store hat of their choice

Submit by the end of july in the karma cook book forum thread.

Apsallar / Jun 11, 2014
The upcoming week will be a training orientated week.
There are a lot of new people we have picked up this week, next week will be focused on.
Mail me in game "apsallar" if you need any specific help. We are looking for people who can also help mentor people. Need mentors especially for Warriors/Guards/Eles/necros/Rangers(yes rangers)

Schedule will look something like:

Friday: 7PM Warrior/Guard training 8PM Regular training 9PM Reset

Saturday: 7PM Ele/necro training 8PM Guild missions 9PM raid

Sunday: 6-8PM individual mentoring 8PM raid

Monday: 8-10PM ?? TBA training

10PM Fun games night( hide n seek/ frog raid/ Bobble head)

Tuesday: 7PM-8PM individual mentoring 8PM raid

Wednesday: 8PM raid

Thursday: 7-8PM havoc training 8PM-11PM Havoc 11PM guild missions

Apsallar / Jun 10, 2014
Thanks to those who came to our hide and seek/mini games night tonight!

Finx won the first hide and seek in Fields of Ruins

Sock/Waffles won the second in the Ossan District in DR

Pivva won the last in the hardest one (that spanned half an hour) in hoelbrak!

Congratulations and thanks those who turned out for a merry go hunt ^,^.