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PetStain / Jun 30, 2015
Congratulations to Serllen for taking home the grand prize. A digital pre-order copy of Heart of Thorns! This grants him a title, character slot, and access to all the upcoming beta weekends.

Maura and EchoSound also won, each taking home a share of the raffle pot and a Mordrem weapon!

Thanks to everyone who entered and watch for new raffles soon!
Apsallar / Feb 22, 2015
The teamspeak will be planned to go down on the 11th PST to 7am PST on the 24th->25th of feb. THe host is moving the server soooo for around 8 -12 hours or a day our TS will go down.

A: The migration is anticipated to start at 11PM PST (GMT-8) on the 24th of February and should finish before 7AM PST on the 25th of February.
Apsallar / Sep 28, 2014
Alise Yo Mamma : Eternity
Hasagawas.6704: Wind catcher
Mistsong: Permanent trading post contract
Louie Star: Ley Line Shortbow
Maynard Mezzrow: Chaos skin of choice (or bltc)
Aspenire: 250 dyes
Xantee(render): Mini largos
Nova Daring(vercacule): Jade skin of choice
Aufidius.3461 : Mini Krait Witch
Tainted Prelude : Mini Flame Effigy

Thanks again for everyone who donated. PM Apsallar or Hayter to collect your prize.

The money will go towards running future guild events and supporting the guild in all its WvW endeavours.