Hey Guys,


Sorry for the super late announcement on the guild meetup. Been a hectic week, I'll do my best to not have it be announced this late. But remember, the times are regular - so if it ends up being a late announcement it's not a question of if but what.


So tomorrow (Sunday) at 8:00PM EST we'll be doing our "Build a Toon" night. Everyone who has a free char slot can build a new toon (or if you don't have a free slot but a low lvl char join us, and if you have no slots and no low levels join us anyway :D). We'll do a vote on the starting area we want to go to as a group.


It would be really cool if everyone were the same race too - so we can hold a vote for that if people are interested. The idea has also been brought up not to play these toons outside of meetups - so we all level as a group whenever we bring them out, we can see how people feel about that tomorrow.


This will be right after the podcast (starting at 6:30PM EST), see everyone then!



Posted: 1 year 6 months ago by Kirya #4219
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It was fun! A bunch of Norn running all over Celadon Forest :-)
I am sorry I had to leave early.
Posted: 1 year 6 months ago by luuca #4214
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yeah, great event :}