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Note, if you are cheap you can use only main hand ascended sword and ascended trinkets. You can use exotic armour/offhands if you want to save money. The stat/damage difference is minimal.

  • Ascended Mainhand Sword - Camp this 90% of the time. Use sword 1 mainly. Sword 2 is a chill (used for gorseval adds). Sword 3 is a dps/energy loss and should only be used to chase a moving target (VG) or to quickly build might (VG split).
  • Offhand exotic Sword - Used for fights requiring block over the breakbar potential of axe. Sword 4 is a block for 2 seconds. Useful for gorseval to avoid getting egged.
  • Offhand exotic Axe - Used for breakbar on axe 5 (don't use axe 4) .
  • Ascended Staff - Used for break bar on staff 5. Generally don't need to use any other skills.

Golden Fried Dumplings - 20% boon duration and 1 might on crit. Great food for parties that do not have enough boon share from lack of PS warriors. This is also useful in fights where you need to maintain 100% uptime of protection. The 1 might on crit is also incredible as it will also share a stack of might to everyone around you every time you crit (with NO ICD although shared empowerment trait has 1s ICD). Use in gorseval.

Seaweed Salad - Used for maximum damage. Constantly wiggle while attacking to maintain the damage bonus

Truffle Steak - Used for less damage than seaweed salad if you are cheap.

Energy rotation and Food setup
It is important to manage energy usage of herald utilities to maximize boon spreading. F2 (facet of nature) can be activated to grant alot of boons. However this will put F2 on cooldown (which is bad) as you can't now provide +50% boon duration for the rest of your party. The goal of each rotation is to drain energy to 0% to deactivate facet of nature without activating it (and putting it on CD).

Start of fight
Activate Nature + Fury + Swiftness. After each reset and while waiting for the next attempt, pulse these 3 auras for no energy loss.

Glint + Shiro (no ps warrior in party)
  1. Start in glint
  2. Pulse Nature + Fury + Swiftness + Might. takes a while to drain to zero.
  3. Activate swiftness when energy is zero
  4. Swap Shiro
  5. Activate Impossible odds until energy is drained
  6. Restart in glint

Food: Use golden fried dumplings. Your primary role in this party is to sustain high might stacks.

Notes: In fights that requires protection (gorseval), Pulse protection instead of might. This will drain energy to zero just before legend swap is off CD.

Glint + Shiro (with ps warrior)
  1. Start in glint
  2. Pulse Nature + Fury + Swiftness + Protection. Drains to zero very fast.
  3. Activate swiftness (elemental blast) when energy is zero
  4. Swap to shiro etc.

Food: Seaweed Salad. Since you are partied with a PS warrior you will have enough might stacks from both classes that dumplings won't be required.

Glint + Jallys (with timewizard)
This rotation is the highest dps rotation and only used when you are partied with a Timewizard (perma quickness chrono).

  1. Start in JALLYS
  2. Activate hammer + swap to glint at same time. (You will be in glint with 1 hammer rotating around permanently)
  3. Pulse: Nature + Fury + Swiftness + Protection
  4. Swap to Jallys
  5. Activate Hammer (You will be in jallys with 3 hammers rotating)
  6. Before energy is 0, deactivate hammer then reactivate it while swapping to glint
  7. Repeat
  8. Swap
Food: Seaweed salad

Video of this rotation:

Fight specific tips

  • Use glint elite if required to keep seekers away
  • Use staff 5 to break bar the boss. Breakbar appears every 30 seconds after the first break bar. Break bar will appear 5 seconds after the boss rejoins after a split.
  • Sword 3 to catch up to the boss or dps the boss while seekers are on top of the boss.
  • Sword/Axe is preferable for break bar.

  • Do the protection + dumpling rotation for protection uptime. Gorseval during break bar will do massive retal damage that can be mitigated with protection
  • Use sword 2 and elemental blast on Angry spirits to soft cc them with chill.
  • If you need to break bar as rev, do Glint elite chain into staff 5. (press elite, press elite + staff 5 together). This will cancel the ending animation of glint into staff 5, saving time.
  • Stay on the back of the boss without moving into the bosses hitbox (don't use sword 3 ever).
  • Sword/Sword can be used if engi is doing all the break bar. Sword 4 can be used to block the EGG/Trapping attack in phase 3.

  • Use sword/axe for break bar
  • Use protection energy rotation to mitigate constant damage (from canons and sabetha)
  • Use impossible odds (shiro) to run away from flamewall when required.
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