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NOTE: CA = Celestial Avatar. Used to refer to the form or the Celestial Avatar pool.

Regular full magis heal build for carrying people

Zerker heal build for groups needing less heals
Use this build if group is doing well and doesn't need much heals.

Key traits:
  • Spotter: Increases precision of nearby allies by 150. Obvious choice for group damage
  • support.
  • Grace of the land: Allies you heal with CA skills gain increased damage (stacks 5 times for 15% damage to condi + direct damage)
  • Quick Draw: Upon swapping weapon, next skill will have reduced cd (66% reduction). Good for staff 3 and Celestial avatar 4/5. When you enter celestial avatar it will trigger this trait. It will also trigger when you leave celestial avatar given you spent more than 10 seconds in it. The combo is then generally to enter CA use 4,3,4,1spam then exit CA and use 3 twice.
  • Trap Expertise: Traps have lower cd and boons/condi duration lasts longer. This affects our healing spring (and frost trap if we bring it). Can stack more than a minute of regen with healing spring.
  • Verdant Etching: Summons seed of life whenever you use a glyph. The heal from this is small but it helps build up CA very well.

In fights that requires immobilization run entangle.

Entangle is needed in gorse/vg. Sabetha you can run something else.

Otherwise ruin glyph of unity and use it in celestial avatar to heal other people.

Gear acquisition
The stat difference between exotic/ascended armour+trinkets is about 131 healing power which is rather negligible. You can use ascended cleric accessories instead but you risk having more toughness than the tank.

Purchase (or craft) exotic magis armour from the trading post. Alternatively you can get magis armour from temple of melandru (verdance temple). OR you can get magi from AC/HotW/TA dungeon vendor. AC armour also comes with rune of the monk.

Purchase or acquire magis trinkets from temple of lyssa. Slot the trinkets using magi crests.

Purchase a magis orichalcum inscription and convert an ascended staff to magis. If you don't have an ascended staff go do the yggdrasil and the bo staff collection for 2 ascended staffs.

Sigils: Superior Sigil of Transference (10% outbound healing) can be purchased on the trading post for 30g or crafted by a scribe (level 225) for about 20g. Sigil of water is really cheap just buy on the TP.

Building / Maintaining celestial avatar
Hardest part of being a druid is maintaining CA uptime, this it should be your goal to recharge up CA as fast as possible in between CA.

CA is charged up by healing other players (they have to not be at full hp) or striking an enemy. Staff auto attack does a good job of this as it can do both mechanics.

  • Stand behind melee. You >> Melee >> Boss. Your staff auto should pass through multiple allies as well as hit the boss.
  • Spam staff 2 on cd. Staff 2 heals allies ( no target limit) as it circles the boss.
  • Spam glyphs. If you are running the glyph build and you are low on CA you can spam glyphs on top of allies to summon 3 seeds of life that will heal 5 targets each (building up a lot of CA)
  • Maintain regen. Regen also counts towards building CA so try to use healing spring on CD on top of the group.
  • Use fern hound F2 on cooldown to also maintain regen on groups. The regen from this is based off the pets healing power so it will be very low, however it will help recharge CA.
  • Using glyph of unity at the end of CA. Glyph of unity in CA mode will heal tethered allies whenever you are healed. This can trigger many procs of healing and will build up CA really fast. This is probably the best reason to bring glyph of unity over nature spirit.

Knowing your heals

  • Staff Auto (solar beam): Spam this when all else on CD (or to build CA)
  • Staff 2 (Astral wisp): Spam this on CD
  • Staff 3 (Ancestral grace): BIG burst heal (4k+). BLAST finisher. Use this on allies that are low if CA is on cooldown.
  • Healing spring: 10 second water field. Use healing spring on CD on top of allies. Also blast it using Staff 3/CA3 when required for extra heals. Healing spring requires the enemy to walk on top of it (as it is a trap).
  • CA 1 (cosmic ray): Spam this on allies when CA3/CA4 are on CD. Heals for 2k+
  • CA 2 (seed of life): Do not use this unless you need to remove condis.
  • CA 3 (lunar impact): BLAST FINISHER. Huge heal (6k+). Use this on top of healing
  • CA 4 (rejuvenating tides): WATER FIELD. Huge pulsing heal (2k+ per tick). Use this first upon entering CA.
  • Glyph of alignment [CA]: Does a heal when in CA. Heals aoe for 5k+ around you.
  • Pet F2: When traited, pet F2 will heal for 2k-3k.
  • Glyph of unity[CA]: Heals allies near you when you are healed.
  • Seed of life(using any glyph): Minor heal. Removes condis. Same as CA2.

Healing combos

Druids have several water fields (healing spring and staff 5) that can be blasted for a combo.

Druids also have the trait that lowers CD of skills upon weapon swapping (or entering/exiting CA since that also counts as weapon swap).

Combining the two one can do several combos to maximize healing.

  • Healing spring -> Staff 3. Blast your healing spring water field with staff 3 whenever you can. This is better than Staff 5 -> Staff 3 as staff 5 is a small field and isn't that good. Use this however if you don't have healing spring up.
  • Enter CA (Gain -66% cd reduction) -> CA 4 -> CA 3 -> CA 4 -> CA 1 spam. This combo is best for large aoe passive healing where CA 4 excels at.
  • Healing spring -> Enter CA (Gain -66% cd reduction ) -> CA 3 -> CA 1 -> CA 3 -> CA4. This combo blasts the water field twice with CA 3. CA 3 is also spammed relatively quickly due to the CD reduction resulting in massive burst heals.
  • Exiting CA (gain -66% cd reduction ) -> Healing spring -> Staff 3 -> Staff 2 -> Staff 3. This is another water field blast finisher but this time using staff 3 as the blast finisher.

Snap ground targeting
EDITED; snap to ground targeting is shit. Dont use it.

Boss fight tips
  1. You will most likely be placed in the lightening/green team. Green team will take large aoe damage after the lightening strikes the green circle. Save a large heal for the group(CA3/cA4) for after the damage
  2. Use engangle/glyph of tides to knockback and manage seekers
  3. Use Longbow 4/ Staff4 to also manage seekers
  4. Use entangle at the start of each phase (after boss splits and rejoins) to entangle the seekers after they spawn.
  5. Primarily focus your heals on the green team

  • Build celestial avatar using the adrenal mushroom in the previous room
  • Save your heals for during break bar phase (to mitigate the retaliation damage)
  • Druid can hold a charged spirit from walking towards the middle solo. Use the following rotation: Staff 4, Entangle, CA 5 (entangle), CA 3(heal someone else where), CA 5(entangle), Staff 4.. wait Staff 4.
  • Detonate your spirits after each breakbar phase or the spawned spirits will be aggroed onto them.

  • Roles is to mainly kite the aids/flak/flame damage away from the zerg by standing away and kicking heavy bombs when they spawn during boss phases
  • Stand between platforms (not in front) so that the aids doesn't land on the platform
  • Save staff 3 if possible to move quickly towards a platform if you have the green bomb
  • Be aware of flame wall and be prepared to move quickly with staff 3 to avoid getting hurt (go into the middle)
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this works for me because i am a poor person
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